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Since 2016, I have been coaching logistics teams, organisations and individuals in learning from experiences and looking at themselves and each other from different perspectives. My own experiences as a logistics project manager and executive are certainly of added value here.

Learning that standing still is necessary to move forward. Being curious again, asking questions and expressing yourself are very much part of this for me. Hence the addition of ‘Stay Curious’ to my logo.

“All you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything!”

Gary W Goldstein


In this individual learning path, we will work together on personal learning questions. Where do you get stuck, what do you avoid, and where does it flow? By contributing and reflecting on your own work experience, you will learn to further develop your own professionalism. In conversations during a walk or in a pleasant coach room, with assignments and/or games or by coaching on the job. Together, we discover what suits you best.

This is also possible in a smaller group. Feel free to call for more information.


During these processes, we look for what is disturbing and what is going well. Together we unravel situations and you all get to know yourself, the team and each other better. We create room for dialogue and reflection, while still paying attention to the company results and customer wishes. The result is the joint achievement of goals in a pleasant cooperation.

Let me know if you are interested.


A customer who is not satisfied. A department that cannot get its processes under control. And you can’t put your finger on why? Getting to the bottom of that ‘hassle’ and solving it together is what gives me energy. Let’s explore together and learn how, by looking with different eyes, you can see possibilities again.

Curious? Let’s get in touch.

‘In the group coaching you have let me come to (self) insight(s. By asking questions and listening a lot, with attention for me, my work and my private live. I have experienced the dynamics in the group as very pleasant. You are able to facilitate a pleasant and above all safe environment in which it felt good to share experiences with each other.

Bram Havekes | Louwman&Parqui



Besides my own assignments, I partner with two great companies, whose missions are close to my heart.

Support organizations to create better results and more involved employees by working on happiness at work and  a positive working culture. In a practical hands on way.


Experienced and expert professionals bring sparkles to the eyes within organizations and teams!

Knowledgeable, Creative, Inspiring and Authentic.